About the Author

Hi! So here are some facts about me:

  • I’m 15 (turning 16)
  • I live in India
  • My pronouns are He/Him

A non-exhaustive list of my interests (and non-interests):

  • I love reading. Fiction, especially. My preferred genres are Young Adult, Fantasy, and I have a soft spot for “chick lit”.
  • I find solving math problems really fun. Idk don’t @ me.
  • I’m a huge nerd for physics.
  • Scratch that. I’m a huge nerd for science.
  • Actually, I’m just a huge nerd.
  • I enjoy dancing but can’t really dance. 0 proprioception.
  • I don’t sport sorry jocks
  • I’m literally always listening to music. I’ve been listening to kpop a lot, recently.
  • I know my old branding was all about the animes, but I’m not as much of an otaku anymore. Sorry. I still love watching anime though.

You can contact me at:






jk this is supposedly anonymous don’t tell anyone