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Art Again lol

I did trace the outline for Kaori's body before drawing myself, so that's why ithe proportions are much better compared to my previous artwork, however, I did the colouring on my own (otherwise there's no point in saying this is my artwork haha). The reference picture is from the anime, Your Lie in April. Software:… Continue reading Art Again lol

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It's supposed to be that scene from the Shelter music video, although I got tired and that's why the background is so bad haha. I spent a few days on this but it was pretty fun. Software: FireAlpaca Custom brushes: nil


僕のこと 僕 大嫌い です。。。 えと、 ホントは ー ないいいい、ないい、ない。 あのさぁこれ。。。 やだ。やだ。やだ 僕の夢は、 大嫌いじゃなくー いや。 あ、はい!あと、 。。。 いいえ、ダイジョブです。 ♪ ♫ ♬ なんどでも。。。 この思い、君に届。。 I wanted to try out some abstract writing haha. I wrote in Japanese because (most multilingual people probably relate) I have different personalities when thinking or speaking in English, Hindi or Japanese.